Our Locations

Little Falls, MN

Little Falls

Anderson Custom Processing's Little Falls plant is located northwest of Minneapolis on U.S. Highway 10 in central Minnesota. There are approximately 35 employees at this location working around the clock.

The plant has three spray dryers that provide water evaporation of 2,000 - 3,500 pounds per hour.

Little Falls, MN
Tony Skovbroten,
Director of Operations
Jolene Sutton, Plant Office Administrator/HR Assist
Garrett Doucette,
Asst. Plant Mgr/FSM

Belleville, WI


Anderson Custom Processing's Belleville plant is located 20 miles south of Madison, Wisconsin on Highway 69. The Belleville factory works a 24/7 schedule and employs approximately 35 employees.

The plant has two spray dryers, that are each capable of removing 4,000 pounds of water per hour. Both dryers use clean room standards for micro sensitive products.

Belleville, WI
Kenny Eggestein,
Plant Manager
Kristi Marti, Plant Office Administrator/HR Assist.
Kyle Jacobs,
Asst. Plant Mgr/FSM

Corporate Office

Our Corporate Office is located across the street from our Little Falls plant in Little Falls, MN.

Anderson Custom
Processing, Inc.
200 Lindbergh Dr. S
Little Falls, MN 56345
Tel: 320-632-1030
Fax: 320-632-1062

Little Falls, MN
Steve Kimman Steve Kimman,
Karen Karen Litke, HR Manager/Office Administrator